A Mild Disaster

The entire database for this site disappeared off the face of the ether and had to be reconstructed. The text has been mostly restored, and some of the comments as well. Mr. Magundi is heartily sorry for having lost a few comments, all of which he values.


3 thoughts on “A Mild Disaster

  1. Mr. Magundi, another mild disaster is brewing here. I explored the links to Dr. Boli’s Publishing Empire on the right column of this site and was startled when the link to “Flora Pittsburghensis (the weblog)” led to a very unexpected location. The reason: there is a typo in that link. WordPress is misspelled. …Or maybe you intended it?

  2. The Internet is a wonderfully adaptable thing, isn’t it? It’s truly commendable that, somewhere in the vast ethereal regions, someone can find a way to turn even a minor typographical error into profit. The error, however, has been corrected.

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