On the Wisdom of Crowds

“It was an interesting study,” I said. “They showed that people in groups use group intelligence to solve problems that no one individual in the group could solve.”

“It may be true that the intelligence of the group is greater than the intelligence of the individual,” Mr. Magundi replied. “But history shows, over and over, that the stupidity of the group is many times the stupidity of the individual.”


One thought on “On the Wisdom of Crowds

  1. Precisely. As Mark Twain remarked, “A committee is the only known form of life with a hundred bellies and no brain.”

    It took thousands of engineers and laborers and a crew of 860 to launch the RMS Titanic with lifeboats for only half its passengers. I am of the opinion that no single dimwit could have achieved such a blunder acting alone. Mr. Magundi is spot on as per usual.

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