On Terrorism

“Sometimes, Mr. Magundi,” said Mr. Bates, “it seems to me like you’re sticking up for the terrorists.”

“I don’t think so,” Mr. Magundi replied. “To say that certain actions by our government might encourage terrorism is not to excuse or condone terrorism. Terrorism is simply evil, but it would be ridiculously foolish not to ask whether some of the things we do make it more or less likely. If Mrs. Bowman refused to lock her house on the grounds that there ought not to be thieves, we wouldn’t quarrel with her condemnation of theft; but few of us would be surprised if we heard that her silver had been stolen.”


One thought on “On Terrorism

  1. I think your analogy is off. Leaving a door unlocked does not invite thievery, but taking away the thieves other means of livelihood does.

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