On Capitalism

“So, what, are you a communist or something?” Brielle asked.

“No, I’m just not an evangelical capitalist,” Mr. Magundi replied. “Capitalism brings us delightful little luxuries, and perhaps it’s open to less objection than any other economic system we’ve come up with. But it’s a compromise—an accommodation to our fallen nature. There was a time when every reasonable thinker knew that capitalism was an evil, but a necessary one if we were to have our nice things and avoid abridging our freedoms with oppressive laws. But now we insist that capitalism is a positive moral good, and I tremble for our souls.”


One thought on “On Capitalism

  1. Another way of looking at this might be to say that domination of markets by capital ( vs. IP, labour, craft, community needs etc ) could be a source of economic and societal imbalance.
    To which I add that such imbalance might be in the best interest of neither capital nor community.

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