A Christian Nation

“But as for me,” Mr. Bates concluded, “I’d rather live in a Christian nation.”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Mr. Magundi agreed. “A nation that turns the other cheek when attacked, that gives all it has to the poor, and that loves all its neighbors as itself! What a glorious experiment that would be! I wonder why it’s never been tried before. Benjamin Franklin was right: ‘He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.'”

4 thoughts on “A Christian Nation

  1. Point well stated, well taken — not that it hasn’t been made before. Unfortunately, as usual, it is mostly ignored by most Christians. Though sometimes, positions of domination – of a war-like stance, are argued for by selecting other Biblical statements & interpreting from very different base of assumptions & priorities (too often unexamined). That is NOT to be cynical about Mr. M’s statement. Just stating the facts as I see them. In fact, I’m hopeful that such an attitude may, more & more, be realized in the future. Mr. M’s reflection is a sign of that hope.

  2. I’m a Christian & TOTALLY agree with this post! We talk about being a Christian country, but as so often happens with God’s people- we fail to live it out.

  3. A very small minority of the christians i grew up with had any grasp of jesus’ message, which i reckon was that we are part of the all and can be self-disciplined about our participation in that all.
    A bonfire of our vanities might indeed leave us scratching for survival, Mr Mugandi, but such things ( where they exist ) as universal health care, cradle to grave welfare, counters to arbitrary discrimination etc can legitimately claim to be rooted in “a” christian legacy and seem to be sustainable in well-managed polities.

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