On New Atheists

“I guess he’s what they call a New Atheist,” I said. “He thinks God is dead, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us figure that out.”

“He’s not a real atheist at all,” Mr. Magundi replied. “If he really believed God was dead, he wouldn’t spend so much effort trying to kill him. I prefer an honest, old-fashioned atheist who’s comfortable in his convictions.”


3 thoughts on “On New Atheists

  1. Excuse me but it seems fairly self evident that a deity that would use evolution as the mechanism for creation does not involve itself in our lives, so what use is a religion based on this deity?

    If we believe in God as creator, we have to acknowledge that he created viruses, predators, plagues and earthquakes, along with a lot of good stuff. In other words, we have to conclude that God is essentially amoral. This (rather than evolution) is the greatest challenge to the Judeo-Christian faiths, and hardly anyone talks about it.

    God the Creator is the Creator of All, of things that are good as they are good, and things that are not good as they are not good. Trying to get God off the hook by blaming ‘Nature’ for the evils of life is ignoring the religious claim that Nature too is the creation of God.

  2. Straw man much? New Atheists aren’t fighting with God (or gods), or trying to kill him. They’re arguing with people who carry silly beliefs around in their head, and try to impose rules on the rest of us based on those silly beliefs.

    They’re acting kind of like doctors, trying to fix something that is wrong with the people around them.

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