On Osama Bin Laden

“But you don’t seem very happy,” Mrs. Bowman said.

“It’s hard not to feel good,” Mr. Magundi replied. “But in the back of my mind a little voice is saying that murder is murder, even if the victim is a murderer. I don’t know whether I should be listening to the little voice, or to the loud voices around me that tell me to celebrate. So I’m a little bit unhappy, because I have a little voice that won’t shut up.”

One thought on “On Osama Bin Laden

  1. Moses decries the shedding of *innocent* blood: he setup limits for retaliation (eye for eye, etc), required two eye-witnesses for any serious legal accusation, required execution to be initiated by an eye-witness in front of the rest of the community, and he setup safe-havens to which persons being hunted for an accidental killing might flee until the ‘avenger of blood’ stopped seeing red. However, at the end of the day with Moses, if you killed someone in cold blood, you deserved death yourself.

    What we’d have preferred in the Osama Bin Laden case is some judicial procedure to establish by evidence that he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of. However, if his culpability has been well-enough established by his own public testimony, there is not much point holding a trial.

    All said, the cheers of the multitude at the demise of someone who allegedly did your nation a great deal of harm are perhaps easily overlooked. But the cheers are perhaps a little unwarranted – it’s not like the antagonism towards America will suddenly end now that the scapegoat is dead.

    So I’d tell the little voice to shut up, and “keep calm and carry on”.

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