On Raising Taxes

“But we have to make cuts,” I said. “The federal government is out of money, and there’s nothing else to do.”

“Rubbish,” Mr. Magundi replied. “We have an enormous untapped resource. We can raise taxes, which are at the lowest rate now in more than half a century. Americans pay less in taxes than people in almost any other civilized nation. We could easily afford to pay a lot more.

“But our politicians have ruined us economically. For their own selfish purposes, they convinced the average American that taxes were out of control, spiraling ever higher, and the only way to stop the ascent was to elect them. The fiction has become so much an unquestioned fact that, to an ordinary American, to say that we need to raise taxes is literally nonsense. You might as well say ‘What this country needs is more burglaries and murders,’ or ‘What this country needs is bulbous flatweave periodontal combustion.'”

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