On His Ancestry

“I was just thinking what an international group we are,” I remarked. “My ancestors came from Spain and Scotland; Brielle’s grandparents came from Hong Kong; Mrs. Bowman’s ancestors came from West Africa, and of course Mr. Bates’ came from England.”

Brielle turned to Mr. Magundi. “Where did your ancestors come from, Mr. Magundi?” she asked.

“Lawrenceville,” he answered, just as the streetcar rolled up and opened its door.

On Liberals and Conservatives

“It’s time to come clean, Mr. Magundi,” said Mr. Bates. “Are you a liberal or a conservative? You have to pick one.”

“All right,” Mr. Magundi answered. “I pick whichever one offends you most.”

A Mild Disaster

The entire database for this site disappeared off the face of the ether and had to be reconstructed. The text has been mostly restored, and some of the comments as well. Mr. Magundi is heartily sorry for having lost a few comments, all of which he values.

On Repeating Himself

“I think you’ve told us that before, Mr. Magundi,” said Brielle, the art student, who dresses all in black, and whose hips keep sliding out from under her.

“I’d hate to think that I never repeated myself,” Mr. Magundi replied. “Even if it were true, I’d never admit it. It would be tantamount to admitting that I never said anything worth quoting.”

“No one but you uses the word ‘tantamount,’” said Brielle, and her hips shifted suddenly to the left.